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Empty child car seat

Can My Child Ride in an Uber Without a Car Seat?

Uber and Lyft are incredibly popular rideshare services that make day-to-day life easier for people without cars of their own, who are on a budget, or who just don’t like driving. Many parents use Uber’s services each day to get to and from school, appointments, and so on with their kids. But this raises an important question: Can your child ride in an Uber without a car seat?

Uber does not require its drivers to keep car seats in their vehicles. However, Uber does require that its drivers always comply with local road rules and vehicle safety laws. Therefore, if your child legally must sit in a car seat and there is no car seat in the Uber you have hailed, then it is unlawful and unsafe for that Uber driver to allow your child to ride in their vehicle.

Furthermore, Uber drivers are informed to be careful when picking up unattended teenagers and children. Uber users must be 18 or older, so most drivers will not accept a fare if the only person at the pickup site is not a legal adult. If they suspect that there could be some form of foul play at hand, such as a child who is leaving an unsafe home, then they will notify local authorities. It is always best to travel with your child if they are going in a rideshare vehicle.

What to Do When Your Kid Travels via Uber

Your child should always use a car seat when legally required to help protect them from injuries should a car accident occur. When traveling by Uber with your child, you should take some simple steps to help keep them safe.

When getting an Uber or Lyft with your child, you should:

  • Ask the rideshare driver who accepts your fare if they have a car seat available for a child who matches your child’s height and weight.
  • If they do not, then you should ask if they would allow you to bring your own and take a minute to securely position it in their vehicle. You should not surprise a rideshare driver with a car seat when they show up. They might not be willing to take the time to secure the car seat in their vehicle, and they could reject your fare.

Always prioritize your child’s safety when they are riding in your car, a rideshare vehicle, or any other form of transportation. If it is safest to place them in a car seat, then use one. Don’t take shortcuts for “just one Uber ride.” The convenience isn’t worth jeopardizing your child’s health.

For information about what to do after an Uber accident injures you or a loved one, you can contact Dunk Law Firm online. We assist clients nationwide with rideshare accident claims.