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What to Do After a Truck Accident

What to Do After a Truck Accident

Tips from Dunk Law Firm in Memphis

You can’t know when a negligent truck driver is going to crash into you and cause you to suffer severe injuries. But you can know what to do about a truck accident ahead of time with some knowledge and preparation. Dunk Law Firm wants everyone in our community of Memphis to feel prepared and confident, just in case disaster strikes and a bad truck accident happens. We have shared some must-know tips about what to do after a truck accident here, but you can call us at (901) 231-4779 for more information and to ask about our legal representation for injured motorists.

Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

After being in a truck accident, you should follow these steps:

  • Get help: Truck accidents rarely cause minimal damage. Instead, they usually cause catastrophic injuries and vehicular wreckage. You should call 911 after a truck accident to get emergency help to the scene as soon as possible. Firefighters and EMTs can give first aid while police officers redirect traffic and control the scene. Reports from the emergency responders can prove useful when making your claim later.
  • Collect evidence and information: Use your phone’s camera to document and collect different types of evidence and information from the truck accident. You can photograph the truck driver’s license and commercial driver’s license, as well as write down their insurance information in the notes app. Photograph details of the accident, too, including vehicular damage, injuries, nearby traffic, and weather conditions.
  • Talk to witnesses: If anyone stops to see if you need help, then write down their contact information and ask them if you can get a testimony from them later. Most people who see a truck accident and then stop to help are more than willing to give a statement if they think it could help the injured driver.
  • See a doctor: Assuming you do not get taken to the emergency room by paramedics, you should plan on going to urgent care within the next hour after a truck accident. A medical professional needs to evaluate your injuries and log your symptoms in your medical records. You could have underlying injuries that you don’t fully notice yet, such as is often the case with whiplash. Without a medical record that notes your injuries on the same day as your crash, it becomes easier for the trucking company’s insurer to deny your claim.

When to Talk to the Insurance Company

You will probably get a call from the opposing insurance company within a day or two of your truck accident. Should you talk to the insurance representative or adjuster? No, in most situations, there is no reason to talk to the opposing insurance company right away. You do not legally owe them a recorded statement at this time.

The insurance company will pick apart anything you tell it to see if it can blame you for the crash. Even if you give completely factual and straightforward statements, there might be a way for the insurance company to distort those statements to make it seem like you are admitting guilt and liability. Rather than talking to the insurer on your own, you should inform them that they will hear from your lawyer shortly and provide no other information.

When to Call an Attorney

One person who you should talk to soon after a truck accident is a truck accident attorney, like those you can find at Dunk Law Firm here in Memphis. With an attorney on your side, they can manage all the aspects and steps of your claim, so you can take care of yourself and other important matters in your day-to-day life, like your family and your job, assuming you’re still healthy enough to work.

Truck accident lawyers are there to protect you from insurance company tactics while also maximizing the value of your injury claim. Legal insight and knowledge are often necessary to navigate all processes without winding up in more troubles or complications that could lower your claims’ value or chances of succeeding. When it comes time to negotiate for a settlement, an attorney’s guidance or representation will also be incredibly helpful if you aren’t familiar with insurance negotiations. Of course, if the case escalates to litigation, then you will also be happy that you have a professional attorney there to assist you and act on your behalf.

For more information about what to do after a truck accident, call (901) 231-4779 or contact Dunk Law Firm online.

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