8 Dead, 25 Hospitalized in Crowd Crush at Travis Scott Astroworld Concert

8 people have died from injuries suffered during a crowd crush at Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival in Houston last Friday. Another 25 people were hospitalized for their injuries, with about half of them seriously injured. Another 300 or so others were injured and treated at an onsite field hospital.

In wake of the tragedy, Travis Scott and Live Nation, the company that organized and promoted the large outdoor concert, are facing lawsuits for negligence that might have contributed to the deadly incident. Reportedly, the concert organizers had a safety protocol plan in excess of 50 pages that included instructions on how to prevent serious injuries and what to do if there is a ‘mass casualty event.’ Now, investigators are trying to determine how much of that plan was followed. If there are gaps between the protocol and what was actually done, then those could be a strong starting point for those lawsuits.

There are also questions about whether the concert was organized in accordance with preexisting legal regulations for crowd limits, barrier placements, and so on. Concerns about the security of the event arose well before the deadly crowd crush at about 9:30 PM, too. Video footage from around 1:00 PM the same day showed an unruly crowd smashing through entrance gates, breaking security blockades, and completely disregarding any sort of safety instructions. Yet, despite this first showing of security concerns, the concert continued without any obvious improvement to security and crowd control measures.

Lastly, it is yet to be determined how much Travis Scott knew of the dangers unfolding in the crowd before him during the performance. Many have been critical of the rapper for continuing to perform for 37 minutes after the local fire department declared that a ‘mass casualty event’ occurred and informed Live Nation to stop the act immediately. Others have been quick to defend Scott by saying he was unable to make out details in the massive crowd and that he was reliant on Live Nation to inform him to stop performing, which seems to be word that never reached him while he was on stage. If this defense is true, then the focus of liability would probably be placed on Live Nation for failing to enact an emergency cancelation of the event to allow paramedics to better access those in need.

Who Can Sue for the Astroworld Crowd Crush?

Lawsuits are being created or have already been filed by numerous people who have been affected by the Astroworld crowd crush disaster. People who lost a loved one or who were seriously injured themselves will have the strongest opportunities to bring a claim for justice and compensation. Also, any of those who were injured, treated, and released from the onsite field hospital might be able to create a class action lawsuit.

If you think you might have a lawsuit to bring against Travis Scott or Live Nation for the deadly Astroworld crowd crush, you can reach out to Dunk Law Firm. Our law firm is here to provide legal counsel and moral support to our clients. Contact us right now.

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