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Truck Accident Lawyers

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When large semi-trucks, big rigs, and other commercial vehicles collide with smaller passenger vehicles, the results are often catastrophic. A motorcycle, car, SUV, or pickup truck is simply no match for a massive 18-wheeler and, as a result, the occupants of the smaller the vehicle are often the ones who sustain severe, life-altering injuries. Such injuries have serious implications, not only for the victims but for their family members and loved ones, as well. Tragically, many truck accidents are fatal.

If you were severely injured or if your loved one was killed in an accident with a large semi-truck or commercial vehicle, Dunk Law Firm is here to help. We believe that you shouldn’t have to simply put up with the consequences of someone else’s negligence on your own; our truck accident lawyers are prepared to take on the liable person or party and fight to hold them accountable for your damages. With over 16 years of experience and millions of dollars recovered for our clients, we have what it takes to effectively advocate for you and your recovery.

Proving Liability in Truck Accident Claims

Unlike in car accident claims, establishing liability in a truck accident case is rarely a simple or straightforward matter. Even when a truck driver was clearly negligent, they may not be the only liable party. In fact, most states follow respondeat superior rules, which state that an employer is often liable for the actions of its employees when those employees are “on the clock.” As a result, a negligent truck driver’s employer, the trucking company, could be partially or fully liable for an accident.

Additionally, not all truck accidents occur because of a truck drive or trucking company’s negligence. Some collisions are caused by defective trucks or truck parts, poor truck maintenance, and third-party negligence, such as another driver on the road who was texting and driving or driving while drunk. In such instances, a claim can be brought against the respective liable person or party.

Establishing who was to blame for the accident is critical, as it also identifies who is liable for your damages. It’s important that you work with a skilled truck accident lawyer who can evaluate all available evidence in order to determine exactly what happened and who is at fault. At Dunk Law Firm, our team has extensive experience in this area of law, as well as a proven record of success in holding negligent truck drivers, supervisors, companies, manufacturers, and others accountable.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

In order to determine who was liable for a truck accident, we will typically need to investigate what happened and what factors led to the accident.

Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Truck driver error
  • Traffic law violations
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving (including texting)
  • Hours-of-service violations
  • Fatigued driving
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Improperly loaded cargo
  • Lack of truck maintenance
  • Failure to conduct vehicle repairs
  • Negligent hiring
  • Improper supervision or training
  • Defective trucks/truck parts
  • Poor road construction or design
  • Unsafe weather conditions
  • Negligent third-party motorists

Our team often works with accident reconstructionists and medical experts in order to prove how the accident happened, the role negligence played in your injuries, and the severity of your injuries and damages. This allows us to build a comprehensive case on your behalf and fight for the maximum recovery you are owed.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney

Following a truck accident, you are likely facing a number of new and unexpected challenges, from getting proper medical care to paying for your expenses while you are out of work. It is critical that you are compensated for these and other costs brought on by the accident—but taking on the trucking company and their insurance provider, not to mention their legal defense teams, can be incredibly daunting.

By putting a powerful legal team on your side, you not only eliminate the stress that comes with pursuing a claim against the trucking company yourself, but you also better your chances of a successful outcome. Our truck accident lawyers at Dunk Law Firm can handle every aspect of your case from beginning to end. We can conduct an investigation to determine what happened and who is liable, submit your letter of intent and file your initial claim, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and represent you in court, if necessary.

Our team is here to provide you with the personalized support and attention you deserve throughout the process. We are always available to take your call and answer any questions you may have. We genuinely care about you and your recovery and are ready to do everything we can to help you get back on your feet.

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The first step in your recovery is reaching out to an experienced truck accident attorney at our firm and scheduling a free initial consultation. During this first meeting, we will listen to your story and share more about how we can help. We will ask you questions about the accident, your injuries, and your finances and address any concerns you have. From there, we can discuss next steps and prepare you for the legal process.

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