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Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

Fighting Back When Insurers Scam Their Policyholders

Are you trying to file a property damage claim but can’t seem to get any help from your insurance provider? When you call them on the phone, do you get an hour of hold music before they drop the call? Although it might just seem like your insurance company conducting business as normal – which means barely offering any form of customer service – you might actually be encountering bad faith insurance tactics that warrant a lawsuit in response.

Dunk Law Firm helps clients nationwide after they have been scammed and mistreated by their insurance providers. We know the signs of bad faith insurance and what to do to demand compensation for them.

Our law firm can help with all sorts of bad faith insurance cases, such as those involving:

  • Storm damage claims
  • Property damage claims
  • Vehicle damage claims
  • Health insurance claims

Fighting an insurance company is exhausting unless you are trained to do it, like our highly experienced bad faith insurance lawyers are. Don’t let them get under your skin anymore. Put us in charge of your case and legal fight today!

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Examples of Bad Faith Insurance

Bad faith insurance can come in many forms, all of which disrespect the policyholder while protecting the insurance company. We don’t stand for any of them, and we are ready to fight back with legal action.

Let us know if you have noticed these forms of bad faith insurance:

  • Wrongful denial: An insurance company that doesn’t want to deal with an insurance claim might deny it without providing a reason. Or it might deny the claim and give a false reason that seems real.
  • Unexplained delays: Insurance companies must try to manage a claim within a reasonable amount of time. If they intentionally delay each interaction and step to try to frustrate you, then it can be bad faith insurance.
  • Lack of communication: When you cannot get through to an insurance company representative, no matter how much you try, it could be bad faith insurance at play. Insurers often avoid communication in the hopes that you will get mad and give up.
  • Inadequate investigation: To figure out how much coverage you are owed, the insurance company should send someone to investigate your claim, like an appraiser if you have filed a storm damage claim after a storm wrecked your home.
  • Lowballed value: Beware of signing any agreement with your insurance company if the amount offered seems low. The insurer may have intentionally offered you a lowballed value in hopes you accept it before you realize how much coverage you really need.
  • One-sided policy requirements: An insurance policy that generously benefits the insurer while barely paying any mind to your needs as the policyholder is not just a bad deal, it might also be bad faith.
  • Intimidation: In rare cases, an insurance company will try to intimidate a policyholder by yelling, cursing, or threatening them with violence or retaliation. This sort of behavior is illegal for several reasons and must not be tolerated.

What Can You Get Out of Your Bad Faith Claim?

A successful bad faith insurance claim can result in multiple benefits for you. Namely, you can get all of the coverage and insurance benefits you initially requested when you filed your claim. Furthermore, the court can order the insurance company to pay punitive damages to you for adding undue hardship into your life by intentionally disrespecting your claim. Punitive damages are calculated to reflect the troubles you have had to endure, so they can be significant based on what the insurer did.

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Understanding the nuances of bad faith insurance is tricky. Rather than digging through the legal details on your own, leave everything up to the bad faith insurance attorneys of Dunk Law Firm. Remember: we can assist clients nationwide. No matter where you live, we have the resources needed to help you through this difficult time.

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