How a Driving Agreement Can Help Your Teen Get Home Safe

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for American teens ages 16-19. Teen drivers are three times more likely to be in a crash than someone over age 20. While some of these accidents are due to inexperience, others come from negligence and recklessness. With so much at risk, how can parents of teen drivers help prevent a tragedy?

A Driving Agreement

To fight teen fatalities, the CDC highly recommends parents create a driving agreement with young drivers. This is a simple document that sets expectations for using the car. It is a promise to obey the rules of the road, avoid driving distractions, and never drive while intoxicated or fatigued.

It typically includes some degree of punishment or revoked use for breaking the terms of the agreement and is agreed to by both parent and teen. While a driving agreement can include almost anything, the CDC has a printable template on its website.

Drive By Example

Poor driving habits are a learned behavior that many young drivers pick up from watching their parents. It is well known that parents who drive defensively are less likely to have teen drivers who are ticketed or involved in a car crash.

A good way to instill driving habits in your child is to refrain from road rage, take caution, and generally practice your own good driving habits at all times. Additionally, you should take time to talk to your teen about difficult driving maneuvers (such as unprotected left-hand turns) and go over the eight danger zones where teen car accidents are most likely to occur.

The more comfortable your teen feels at the wheel, the less likely they are to engage in dangerous or reckless behavior that could result in serious injuries or, much worse.

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