How to Stay Safe During Rush Hour

Do you have to commute to get to work each morning? Like millions of other Americans, you probably find yourself surrounded by rush hour traffic. The risk of getting into a car accident during rush hour is higher than other times of day because of all of the extra drivers on the road. It is imperative that you stay focused on driving safely during rush hour if you want to avoid a crash.

Remember these five tips to stay safe during rush hour:

  • Plan ahead: Your first line of defense against the hectic nature of rush hour traffic is to plan for it. Know what route you want to take and what traffic conditions will look like along that route. By choosing your roads and turns ahead of time, you can feel more in control while you are driving during rush hour.
  • Stay calm: People can get pretty angry during rush hour traffic because of how frustrating it can feel to sit in a car at a snail’s pace. Don’t let road rage get to you. Staying calm is crucial to staying in total control of your vehicle. Practice driving techniques that relax you. Some people like calming music. Others roll the windows down a little. There is bound to be something that keeps you centered while driving without causing an unsafe distraction.
  • Drive defensively: You should always drive defensively, but it becomes even more important during rush hour when there are a lot of aggressive drivers around you. Driving defensively means yielding the right-of-way to other drivers, being ready to make safe maneuvers to avoid potential crashes, and obeying all rules of the road, such as the posted speed limit.
  • Bring sunglasses: Depending on where you live, rush hour likely happens during sunrise and sunset – when people are headed to work and headed home. To prevent being blinded by the glare of the sun, you should keep a pair of sunglasses in your car.
  • Drive in the middle: The left lane of traffic usually has the fastest drivers who wrongfully associate it with speeding. The right lane of traffic usually has the most drivers who slow down to make turns or to allow another driver to merge. To avoid the problems of both lanes, you should take the middle lane during rush hour for as long as it is feasible.

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