Motorcycle Riding Tips for Beginners

Riding a motorcycle will only be fun if you can do it safely. If you are a new motorcyclist who recently got your first cool ride – be it a Yamaha, Harley, or another make and model – then you are probably still learning the ropes. Let Dunk Law Firm lend a quick hand. Check out this quick list of helpful motorcycle riding tips for beginners and anyone who wants to review some basic safety information.

7 helpful motorcycle riding tips for beginners are:

  1. Don’t stall: Stalling a ride is easily one of the most common issues that new motorcyclists encounter and cause. It all comes down to proper clutch control. Using the clutch at the wrong time can stall your ride, which can be pretty bad if it happens in the middle of traffic. Practice using your clutch at different speeds and in differing conditions while riding through an empty parking lot.
  2. Use your blinker: Motorcycles are much smaller than passenger vehicles, so drivers are more likely to look at but not “see” them. To increase your visibility, always use your blinker or turn indicator.
  3. Avoid dropping your ride: When a motorcyclist “drops” their ride, it refers to when the bike falls onto its side while rounding a corner too slowly. What happens is too much momentum is lost during a slow turn, and the bike’s center of gravity ends up on the side and the whole thing tips. Using an empty parking lot is a good way to practice slow turns without dropping your ride.
  4. Counter-steer correctly: Counter-steering is the action of pressing forward on the right handlebar to turn right, and vice versa. Although simple, this action can seem counterintuitive to new riders. If you are having any trouble with remembering how to correctly counter-steer, then you should once again practice in an empty parking lot.
  5. Learn speed and distances: Gauging speed and distances on a motorcycle will likely feel different than how it does while inside a car. This unusual shift happens because of the different perspective you have as someone on a motorcycle compared to someone sitting inside a vehicle. You have to pay close attention as a new rider to start to gauge speed and distances accurately.
  6. Choose an emptier route: As a new motorcyclist, some of the biggest dangers on the road to you might be other motorists. Stay away from other riders and drivers in the first few weeks of owning your ride by picking emptier routes when possible. For example, choosing city streets over a highway might cost you a few minutes of travel time but keep you in more comfortable traffic conditions.
  7. Check your gas tank often: You might be surprised at how quickly a motorcycle can run out of gas. When the gauge hits E, it really is basically empty, so you have to get to a gas station right away. Also, many motorcycles do not even have a fuel gauge. You should check your gas tank’s level often when you are a new rider, so you can get used to what it looks and sounds like when you’re nearing empty.

We hope these motorcycle tips for beginners help you stay out of accidents and trouble! From all of us at Dunk Law Firm, enjoy your ride and, of course, don’t forget to always wear a helmet!

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