Road Gators Are Deadlier Than You Think

Drivers throughout the southeast encounter real alligators on the road, but everyone across the nation encounters road gators. You may have seen them a time or two; the large chunks of rubber tires that separated from a vehicle following a blowout or other problem.

Road gators arise because tires are not always properly manufactured or have a defect. The tread separates, and pieces of rubber fly all over the road before coming to rest in the middle of lanes, putting all other vehicles and drivers at risk.

The Dangers of Road Gators

A driver can encounter the road gator and either drive over the piece of rubber or try to go around it. In either situation, there’s an increased risk of significant dangers. Here are some of the major dangers associated with road gators.

  • If the driver attempts to swerve, they may lose control of their vehicle or crash into someone else’s car on the road.
  • If the driver runs over the tire parts, it can damage the vehicle and then cause the driver to crash.

Unfortunately, anyone who encounters a road gator can suffer a severe injury in a crash.

How to Stay Safe

Drivers must pay close attention to the road because of obstacles such as road gators. If they see the road gator in front of them, they can slow down and prepare accordingly. Avoid trying to swerve too quickly, or you may crash into a vehicle in the lane next to you.

Be sure to report the debris on the road so that law enforcement can come out and remove it.

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