What Evidence Do I Need After a Crash?

A car crash is stressful and confusing. There’s a huge checklist of steps to follow and evidence to collect. Unfortunately, many car crash victims aren’t quite sure what documentation they need to make a compelling case. If you want the best chance of a just settlement, here’s what evidence you need to collect after a car crash.

Pictures of the Accident Scene and Damages

Make sure you take pictures of the accident scene (missing traffic signals, tire marks, etc.), damages to all vehicles involved, and any visible injuries you sustain. The more photos you have, the more an accident reconstructionist can help you. Ideally, you should have a picture of both cars on all four sides and a few pictures of the surrounding area.

Witness Contact Information

If there were any bystanders near the crash (pedestrians, shopkeepers, other drivers) you should try to talk to them. Ask them for their name and contact information or if they can wait for law enforcement to arrive. You can forward their contact information to your attorney and the insurance company as their testimony can be invaluable evidence in determining fault.

Police Report

A police report is arguably the most important piece of information you can get in a car crash. It is an unbiased account of the accident which includes testimony from both drivers and any nearby witnesses. After a crash, call the non-emergency police number and get an officer on the scene as soon as you can. If you wait a few days to file a report, the circumstances of the crash can become muddled and unclear.

The Other Driver’s Insurance Provider Information

As always, make sure you exchange information with the other driver. Be sure you get their name, phone number, license plate number, policy number, and contact information for the other driver’s insurance provider. You’ll provide this to your insurance and legal counsel to help with communication issues. Once you have their phone number, make sure you text them immediately. This will verify their identity and potentially save you from a difficult uninsured driver claim.

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