What is the Most Dangerous Time of Year for Driving in Milwaukee?

Car accidents can happen at any time of the year, of course. But, in Milwaukee, the risk of getting in a crash can be influenced noticeably by the season due to the inclement weather that occurs during some of them.

Specifically, the winter months can be a dangerous time to drive in Milwaukee if the winter is especially cold. Snow, ice, and sleet can form on the road and make it more likely for a driver to lose control of their vehicle. Before you head out on the road during the winter months, you should always check a local weather station or use a weather app for an update about the conditions outside. If you can postpone your drive to avoid snowy weather, then you should.

100 Dangerous Days of the Year for Drivers

In Milwaukee and beyond, there are 100 days of the year that are always more dangerous for drivers than the other 265 days: the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Car accidents tend to happen more frequently in these 100 days because drunk drivers hit the road in increased numbers. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the summer months mean more parties and more free time for many Americans. Many of those people will make the bad decision to drink and drive.

If you were in a car accident while driving through Milwaukee and someone else caused it, then Dunk Law Firm can help you create a claim to pursue compensation. Our attorneys are well-versed in the management of all sorts of injury claims. Contact us online to learn more.

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