Why Summer Weather Means More Tire Blowouts

Summer heat can be a big challenge for drivers, especially if you don’t keep up with vehicle maintenance. Aside from the occasional overheated engine or exploding soda can, there’s one other thing that most drivers don’t even consider. A tire blowout can happen without warning and when it does, it endangers everyone on the road.

But why does this happen and why does summer weather mean more tire blowouts?

What Is a Blowout?

A blowout means something has happened to cause a sudden drop in pressure. This is usually accompanied by a loud bang that can cause unprepared drivers to lose control of their vehicles and swerve across the road.

While there are many causes for tire blowouts, the main one is improper inflation. Underinflation or overinflation causes the tire to lose its shape, which creates friction, which causes heat. That heat, in turn, causes the tire pressure to increase. If that pressure reaches a certain limit, the tire will blowout.

The reason summer tends to cause more blowouts is that the road is hotter. If tires aren't properly inflated, a 125-degree blacktop road will cause the tire pressure to climb even faster. Those conditions, combined with the high friction of highway speeds are a recipe for disaster. The more wheels a vehicle has, the greater the risk. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see truck tire scraps (also called road gators) on the side of the shoulder.

Who Is At Fault for a Blowout?

Whether your vehicle was impacted by a blowout or you were injured during another vehicle’s blowout, the at-fault party is almost always the driver with the burst tire. Barring a manufacturing error or recall, the majority of these crashes will likely be contributed to negligent maintenance.

Given the risk of a tire blowout, now is a great time to check your tire pressure and make sure your vehicle is safe for summer driving. A little preventative maintenance today just might prevent a serious wreck tomorrow.

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