3 Reasons to Avoid Social Media After a Crash

While there are steps you want to take after an accident, you should also know that there are some different things that you may want to avoid. Of course, you should never feel the need to say sorry after a car accident, even if you feel you’re at fault. Saying sorry, is something the insurance company may try to use against you.

However, one of the things you need to avoid is social media. There are certain things you want to consider if you’re thinking of posting to social media, but in most situations, it’s best to avoid posting when you file a claim for many reasons.

Reason 1: Your Profile is Not as Private as You Think

Insurance companies have been through this all before. They receive countless claims every single day, and they know how to protect their profits. As such, even if you think that your social media profile is private, there are various methods that insurance companies use to try and look at your profile and see if there’s anything that can be used against you.

Reason 2: Your Comments May Be Used Against You

There are two major problems that can arise when you put your comments about the crash on social media. The first thing that can be problematic is your comments being used as an admission of fault, which in turn, can impact your ability to pursue compensation.

Also, talking about your case can impact your confidentiality. This is something that impacts the various information you need to share with the insurance company and can make the information public.

Reason 3: Insurance Companies Use Your Activities Against You

Everyone loves to post certain activities on social media. It’s easily understandable how you want to share your ventures, but if you’re seeking compensation for an injury, these types of posts can hurt your case. The insurance company may try to claim that you’re not actually hurt, which they would try and use to deny your claim completely.

Our Milwaukee car accident lawyers encourage you to avoid social media (or post with discretion) in many situations after a crash. When you need help protecting your rights from the tactics of the insurance company, rely on our team at Dunk Law Firm to help you. We also represent Memphis car accident victims.

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