Common Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

In any car accident, it’s common for significant injuries to arise, making medical care one of the most important steps after a crash. Unfortunately, there are many problems that may arise and some of the injuries can be minor, but others can be catastrophic.

It’s vital for you to recognize the common injuries you may sustain in a car accident, as well as how you may be impacted by such an injury.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

The impact of a car accident can quickly and easily make it so your head moves throughout the cabin of your vehicle. Whenever it contacts the metal frame, steering wheel, dashboard, or any other part of the vehicle, it’s easy to see how a traumatic brain injury may arise.

These are some of the most severe injuries that can arise as they have lifelong impacts on your abilities. You may suffer cognitive disabilities, issues with your sensory abilities, and physical impacts including coordination and balance problems, seizures, and convulsions.


These types of injuries are most common in rear end accidents in which the impact can send your head jolting back and forth. This can cause significant problems to your neck and back. Whiplash may be minor and last for days, but others can cause even more issues.

Broken Bones

In car accidents, some of the most significant impacts can cause broken bones. For instance, someone may sustain a broken arm or shoulder, broken ribs, or any other bone is susceptible. While broken bones may not seem as bad as other injuries, they can still result in long-term harm and pain and suffering.

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