What Tactics Do the Insurance Companies Use to Deny Claims?

When you’re involved in a crash in Memphis or Milwaukee, you need to go through the insurance company to pursue compensation. While it’s important to follow certain steps after a car accident, there are numerous problems you may encounter when you speak with the insurance company for the at-fault driver.

The insurance company is still a business, and that means they have a strong focus on retaining as much profit as possible. This means when it comes time to pay out compensation, they often use methods to devalue or deny claims, putting your rights and needs at significant risk.

Recording Statements

If you receive a call from the insurance company, they’ll let you know the call is being recorded, but they’ll say it’s for quality and training purposes. While this is somewhat true, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Insurance companies may try to use the recorded statement against you to find areas where your statements don’t match.

Failing to Investigate

Insurance companies must abide by policies, which means when a car accident claim comes in, they must investigate it properly to determine negligence and liability. Failing to do so and outright denying the claim is acting in bad faith, and the insurance company may be liable for damages.

Placing Blame on You

Insurance companies can get away without paying compensation if they can place the blame for the accident on you. They’ll look for any evidence, statements, or witnesses that they can use to make you the at-fault party. Having your own legal counsel can help you protect your rights.

Claiming Your Settlement Offer is All You Can Get

Insurance companies know that you’re dealing with financial issues after a crash—including increasing medical bills and lost income. As such, they’ll try to offer you a low settlement and claim that is all you can recover in hopes that you take a lower amount than you would typically be entitled to receive.

At Dunk Law Firm, our Milwaukee car accident lawyers work hard to protect you from these devious actions. We’re here to guide you through the process and seek the compensation you need after you suffer an injury because of someone else’s negligence.

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