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At Dunk Law Firm, we truly care about each and every one of our clients. We know that being involved in an unexpected accident or losing a loved one in a tragic incident is overwhelming. We're here to help.

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Houston Rear-End Accident Lawyers

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car that rear-ended another car on the freeway

​Rear-end accidents are quite common among all types of car accidents, but that does not make them less serious. When a vehicle is struck from behind at most any speed, it can result in whiplash, a painful and lingering neck injury. At higher speeds, catastrophic injuries can result, such as paralysis, brain damage, or death.

If you need a rear-end accident attorney in Houston to represent you after a collision, then you have come to the right place. Dunk Law Firm is famous for combining a genuinely compassionate approach to casework with a tenacity that catches the opposition off-guard. While you rest and focus on your health, we can move your case forward, step-by-step, and always with the goal of securing maximum compensation on your behalf, including damages that help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and your emotional suffering.

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Injuries Suffered in Rear-End Accidents

Serious injuries can follow any rear-end accident. You should always see a doctor shortly after a crash, even if you feel fine now. Whiplash, in particular, can start as a slight soreness in your neck but turn into a debilitating injury hours or days later. If you have not yet seen a doctor since being in a rear-end accident, then please consider doing so soon. Not only will you help preserve your health by getting a checkup, but you can also limit your overall liability for your injuries.

Injuries besides whiplash that can be suffered in a rear-end accident:

  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Arm and wrist fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Seatbelt-related injuries
  • Facial lacerations

What Causes Rear-End Collisions?

Rear-end accidents can happen as a result of several different things:

  • Tailgating or following too closely - This may mean you are unable to stop in time if the car ahead of you brakes suddenly
  • Distracted driving - This could be anything from texting, eating, or even holding a conversation with someone else in the car
  • Poor traction - If you are not driving a safe speed when the roads are wet or icy, you may have a hard time stopping in time to avoid a collision with the car in front of you
  • Defective brakes - It is not uncommon for a car's brakes suddenly giving out to lead to a rear-end accident

In some cases, determining who is truly at fault for a rear-end accident can be difficult.

Does Liability Always Go to the Back Car?

The car in the back of a rear-end accident is not always fully liable for a crash. Some circumstances can increase the liability of the car in front that was struck from behind. In Texas, it is crucial to ensure your liability remains limited because your entire claim can be defeated if your liability goes beyond 50%.

How can liability be placed on another driver in a rear-end crash?

  • Broken taillights: All drivers are expected to maintain their vehicles appropriately, especially when a defect or damage could limit the vehicle’s safe operation. If a driver rear-ends a vehicle with no working taillights, then some liability could be put on the driver of the defective vehicle.
  • Parking lot collisions: When backing up in a parking lot, a driver must yield to oncoming traffic up to a certain point. If a car tries to drive behind a vehicle that is more than halfway out of a parking spot and a collision ensues, then the driver who was not backing up could be partially or mostly liable.
  • Multivehicle crashes: Were you rear-ended by a car that was rear-ended, too? The liability for your damages could rest primarily on the car that hit the car that hit you. In many of these situations, the car that starts the “domino effect” of collisions is mostly to blame.

Why Should I Get a Lawyer If I Was Rear-Ended?

passenger car and police car on side of road after rear end crash

Most people think that if they were rear-ended by another car, it should be obvious whose fault it was. Therefore, they think they don't need to hire a lawyer. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Even in rear-end accidents, law enforcement, the other driver, or the insurance company may still find a way to blame you for the incident. By hiring a rear-end accident lawyer to represent you, you improve the likelihood of your claim being resolved quickly and fairly. Our team of attorneys are prepared to investigate your accident, secure evidence, and present the facts. Don't put your compensation and your driving record at risk by assuming that things will automatically work out in your favor!

Dunk Law Firm – We Win!

Following a rear-end collision, you could be looking at a stack of damages and medical bills. You could also be the victim of finger-pointing from the other driver who has tried to blame you for what happened. If things go poorly for your claim, then you could be out thousands of dollars due to unpaid bills, lost wages, vehicle repair expenses, and much more.

Give yourself a fighting chance by teaming up with Dunk Law Firm. We are confident that you will be impressed by our rear-end accident lawyers in Houston and the friendly approach we take to casework. When working on your claim, we treat you like a friend in need because we really see you as one!

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