Do You Have to Pay for an Ambulance You Didn’t Request?

Ambulances have become a pain point in America. Sadly, many people are so afraid of the medical bills associated with a ride to the hospital that they don’t want to call an ambulance when they are seriously injured and require immediate medical attention. That raises the question, what happens if someone calls an ambulance for you or if you can’t consent to medical care? Do you still have to pay for an ambulance you didn’t request?

Care and Consent

If you’re in a serious crash, a witness may call 911 to get a police officer and ambulance on the scene. EMTs on the scene will provide first aid and check you for injuries. If you’re bleeding or sense you have a broken bone, it’s wise to accept this care.

Typically, you don’t receive an ambulance bill unless you are taken to the hospital. While you should always see a doctor right after a car crash, you are not required to go to the hospital and have the right to turn down EMTs suggestions under most circumstances.

However, if you are incapacitated, unconscious, or show system of a brain or spinal injury, EMTs may take you to the hospital without your consent. When this happens, you will receive the bill. That’s where your attorney comes in.

Your attorney can negotiate with the billing companies. They can explain the circumstances of the crash, that you didn’t request an ambulance, and may be able to have the bill reduced or eliminated. However, if you are still facing an unexpected ambulance bill and accompanying hospital bills, you have options.

Covering Your Bills

Many Americans struggle to pay medical bills after a serious injury. However, your attorney may be able to help by finding a doctor who accepts “lien care.” This means the doctor agrees to wait for payment until your case is settled. They, like your attorney, will only be paid after your case is done.

All your medical bills, both current and future, will be calculated into your damages. Your attorney will fight to help you receive the maximum possible compensation, allowing you to focus on your recovery without the looming anxiety of ambulance fees and hospital bills.

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