Uber Vehicle Requirements in Houston, Milwaukee & Memphis

Countless Americans make some, most, or all of their regular income by working as a rideshare driver with Uber. Although not every driver can qualify to work for Uber. The rideshare company has strict vehicle requirements that must be met before the driver can officially accept fares and earn money by using the Uber app as a rideshare driver.

Different cities have different vehicle requirements set by Uber. The rules can change slightly due to local ordinances and road safety rules, but many are quite similar.

For example, in Houston, Milwaukee, and Memphis, Uber vehicle requirements include:

  • Vehicle must not be more than 15 years old.
  • Vehicle must have 4 doors for ease of passenger entry.
  • Vehicle must be in good, operational condition with no visible damage.
  • Vehicle must not have commercial branding on the outside or inside.

Additionally, Uber requires all drivers to maintain an auto insurance policy they purchased themselves to cover the vehicle. This policy must meet state and local legal requirements. If a rideshare accident occurs, a separate automobile liability insurance policy from Uber might apply.

Lastly, Uber accepts drivers who possess official and temporary vehicle registration documents, which do not necessarily need to show the vehicle is registered in the driver’s name. In some states like Tennessee, a recent vehicle bill of sale – no more than 30 days in the past – is acceptable as temporary registration if the Department of Motor Vehicles is still processing

Lyft Vehicle Requirements

Lyft, another popular rideshare service provider in the United States, has similar vehicle requirements when compared to Uber. In most states and cities, Lyft vehicles must have 4 doors, at least 5 seats, and not be considered a taxi or stretch limousine. The most noticeable difference is that vehicle age requirements from Lyft can vary considerably from state to state.

Why Uber Vehicle Requirements are Important

You might not care if your Uber shows up and it has an ad for a fast-food joint emblazoned on the hood. But you should probably care about the other vehicle requirements, especially those relating to vehicle age and condition.

Uber requires all its drivers’ vehicles to be less than 15 years old to reduce the risk of a driver using a poorly maintained vehicle. Older vehicles that have not received regular maintenance can be more prone to vehicle defects that can cause a crash. Likewise, vehicles that have visible damage are more likely to have damaged parts underneath, so Uber requires its drivers to keep their vehicles in good condition.

If you hail an Uber and the car shows up in poor condition, then you might want to request another driver. Waiting another 10 minutes or so could help reduce your risk of getting into a rideshare accident.

After a rideshare accident causes you to suffer a serious injury, you should contact Dunk Law Firm. We can help clients nationwide who have been in bad accidents that weren’t their fault.

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