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Houston Scooter Accident Attorney

Tons of Texans are trying to make environmentally friendly changes in their everyday lives. When you combine a green change with the chance to cut back and do away with car payments or public transit expenses, it's easy to see why scooters are so popular in Houston.

Scooter riders should understand their rights on and off the road. If you wonder about your legal options after a scooter accident in Houston, you will want to know a few key points. You can begin by calling the Houston scooter accident lawyers at Dunk Law Firm.

Causes of Houston Scooter Accidents

It's impossible to list every single potential reason for a scooter accident. If you were injured while using a scooter, call our Houston scooter accident attorneys regardless of the reason (or apparent reason). With that said, the reason for a scooter accident can have an effect on an accident claim.

Lots of things can cause scooter accidents, including:

  • Doorings-- Doorings occur when a vehicle driver or passenger unknowingly opens their door into an approaching scooterist.
  • Changing Lanes-- When a driver changes lanes, they may fail to observe somebody riding a scooter, especially given that they're operating considerably smaller vehicles than car drivers are-- yet changing lanes or swerving has the potential to lead to a collision.
  • Failure to yield-- Like pedestrians and bicyclists, scooter riders frequently sustain injuries as a result of a motorist failing to yield the right of way. Drivers of passenger vehicles have a tendency to observe other cars and trucks, and occasionally fail to keep a lookout for smaller vehicles when driving.

I Was in a Scooter Accident, and I Don't Understand Who to Hold Liable

No one can tell you, with certainty, who was responsible for your scooter accident before knowing all the facts. That's the reason our Houston scooter accident lawyers thoroughly investigate our clients' claims.

Nevertheless, we find that scooter accident liability tends to come down to one of three common parties. Remember that these are far from the only possible defendants in a scooter accident claim.

That said, we see these most frequently:

  • Another driver-- Many scooterists are struck by other drivers on the road. Whether they were driving a sedan, a semi-truck, or some kind of specialized vehicle, they could be held responsible for your accident. When careless motorists cause accidents, injured scooterists can hold those drivers accountable.
  • The scooter company-- A great deal of the general public doesn't think about this when they think about accident liability, but the scooter company itself could have caused your accident. Scooter companies can neglect the maintenance of their scooters. Some might ignore costly malfunctions or wear concerns in favor of keeping scooters in service and generating income for them.
  • The city-- Occasionally, we can even hold the city responsible for a scooter accident. When this is the case, we can often trace the accident's source back to maintenance or defect problems (like a construction hazard or other road problems).

Recouping Damages: What Can Injured Scooterists Anticipate?

When you bring a claim, you do so to receive damages. This compensation should account for the damages (and also costs) caused by your crash.

Our team, for example, helps scooterists recuperate damages for:

  • Past, present, and future medical costs-- Including those for emergency transportation, specialized services, custom medical equipment, and more
  • Physical damages-- To your property
  • Pain and suffering-- These damages make up great emotional or physical pain caused by an accident
  • Loss of wages or earning potential-- Scooter accident victims might temporarily lose their ability to work and earn a wage after their experiences; sometimes, a crash can even permanently alter somebody's earning potential for the remainder of their life. When this happens, scooter accident victims can pursue compensation for lost earning potential in court
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Death

Evidence That May Help Your Claim

Sometimes, Houston scooter accident victims can document some evidence at the scene of the accident. This is not always the case: A lot of accident survivors are too seriously injured to collect evidence.

If this describes you, don't worry. Our scooter accident lawyers are used to it and commonly must gather details and evidence later.

It can help your case, however, if you can:

  • Take pictures or videos of the accident scene, your injuries, and any other damages
  • Get other drivers' and witnesses' contact information
  • Get other drivers' license and insurance details
  • Request a copy of the police report that was filed on-scene

Our Houston Scooter Accident Lawyer Can Help

Did another driver hurt you while riding an e-scooter in Houston? Call Dunk Law Firm today.

Our Houston scooter accident lawyers can:

  • Listen to your story
  • Clarify confusing elements of your claim
  • Collect and document evidence
  • Fight for your rights (in settlement negotiations, and, if necessary, in court)

We're accessible by phone at (888) 744-5642 or through our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing if we can help.

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