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Memphis Truck Rollover Accident Attorney

Legal Support After Devastating Truck Accidents

Since 2004, Dunk Law Firm has been representing motorists who have been seriously injured in truck accidents throughout Memphis and beyond. We are here to assist with any type of truck accident case, including those involving highly dangerous rollover accidents. A rollover is when a commercial truck falls onto its side, rolling once or twice. Smaller vehicles in adjacent lanes can be crushed under the tractor or trailer of the big rig.

Were you in a rollover accident that was not your fault? Let our Memphis truck rollover accident lawyers know what happened. We genuinely want to help you make sense of your legal options and pursue them to the fullest.

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What Causes a Truck to Roll Over?

semi truck flipped on its side after a crash

Rollover accidents are usually caused by some form of negligence, but not necessarily the truck driver’s fault alone. Depending on the reasons behind why the truck tipped and rolled over, the fault could be placed on several parties.

Truck rollover accidents can be caused by:

  • Sharp turns: Commercial trucks take turns best when they are wide and slow. A trucker who attempts to take a turn too sharply or while speeding can cause their vehicle to buckle and tip over.
  • Top-heavy trailers: Load crews that place product inside the trailer of a commercial truck can also contribute to the chances of a rollover accident by making the trailer top-heavy. Cargo needs to be stacked carefully and intentionally to keep the center of gravity on the truck low and manageable while it is in motion.
  • High winds: Stretches of highways under a high wind advisory should be avoided by truck drivers. When a gust of wind hits the broad side of a trailer, it can tip it right over because the wind is caught as if it had hit a boat’s sail. Most highways will have notices about high wind areas ahead, so there is often no reasonable excuse as to why the truck driver would be “surprised” by the wind.

If the Rollover Was Caused by Bad Weather is the Truck Driver Still Responsible?

In most cases, yes, the truck driver will still be held responsible if the accident was a result of poor driving conditions. This is because truckers are expected to exercise caution when driving in bad weather just like any other driver. If the conditions are too bad for driving in (i.e. high winds, heavy rain, slick roads), the driver should pull over to the side of the road and wait for the weather to improve before continuing to drive.

Truck drivers cannot control the weather, but they can make the right decision about whether or not to drive in it. No deadline is more important than someone else's life.

What Types of Injuries Are Usually Seen in Rollover Collisions?

Rollover accidents can vary in severity depending on the speed at which the collision occurs, what kind of terrain the vehicle rolls across, as well as what type of objects (and how many) the vehicle impacts while rolling. Injuries, too, can vary in severity depending on how deadly the crash was. Some of the most common types of injuries sustained in vehicle rollovers include:

  • Neck and spinal injuries
  • Lacerations, burns, fractures & broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Seat belt injuries
  • Damage to ribs or torso

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rollover accidents account for 35% of car accident fatalities each year. When taking into account that rollover accidents occur less frequently than other accidents, this means that crashes where a car rolls are particularly deadly.

Serious Injuries Lead to Significant Damages

The results of a rollover truck accident are often devastating. The heavy truck landing on top of a smaller vehicle is practically guaranteed to crush the vehicle and place everyone inside in extreme danger of crush injuries, lacerations, and brain damage. When there are serious injuries involved in an accident, there will also be significant damages.

Your truck rollover accident claim could pursue damages related to:

  • Medical care, including future treatment costs
  • Months or years of physical therapy
  • Lost wages and lessened income capacity
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Shortened life expectancy

If you lost a loved one in a rollover truck accident, then we can also assist with a wrongful death claim. We know that you are probably going through the most painful experience of your life, so we will be careful not to push you or make decisions that don’t reflect your best interests. Wrongful death cases have unique damages, too, which can be paid to you or your loved one’s estate.

How Can Truck Rollovers Be Prevented?

The most important factor of rollover accident claims is that the accident could have been prevented if the driver had taken appropriate precautions. Instead, their negligence led to your accident. Here are several things that can be done to prevent rollover accidents, that, if ignored, can actually be forms of negligence:

  • Driving the posted speed limit - Speeding contributes to nearly half of all rollover accidents; by slowing down and obeying the rules, truckers can prevent a future accident
  • Avoiding distracted driving - Whether it be fiddling with the radio, using your cell phone, or driving while drowsy, truckers who drive while distracted are at higher risk for rollover accidents
  • Keeping a well-maintained truck - Truckers should always check the brakes and other mechanics on their truck before setting out on the road; this also includes ensuring that their truck is properly loaded
  • Understanding the design and capabilities of the truck they are driving - Experience isn't the only thing that can help prevent rollover accidents, truckers also need to understand how their truck handles and what its capabilities are before hitting the road

Free Initial Consultations are Available to Inquiring Clients

You can learn more about your rights as a rollover truck accident survivor by calling (901) 231-4779. We offer free initial consultations that can help you decide how to move forward. Our Memphis rollover attorneys are standing by to help you form a claim and pursue the compensation you and your family deserve.

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